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Prof. Lucas Bergkamp on the Condition of the Rule of Law in The Netherlands

Amsterdam, The Netherlands (February 26, 2022)

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Pablo Lamberti on Philosophy and a Combative Life

Amsterdam, The Netherlands (January 15, 2022)

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Beauty on Location

Amsterdam, The Netherlands (October 30, 2021)

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Table Guest Josse de Voogd

Online Discussion (June 21, 2021)

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Common Sense Society

The Netherlands

The Common Sense Society (CSS) is an international network with branches in the United States, Hungary, and The Netherlands. Chapters in the U.K. and in Poland will follow. Our goal is to contribute to keeping alive ordered liberty in the Western tradition by helping to shape and mutually introduce current and future leaders. To this end we organize salon meetings, academic events, and other opportunities for discussion centered on the themes of liberty, prosperity, and beauty.

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Common Sense Society was founded as a debating forum in 2009 by a group of American and European university students. They aimed to explore the ideas that have shaped our history and will greatly influence our future. In doing so, CSS became a celebration of the moral, social, political, and cultural inheritance which has formed our common civilization.

Today, Common Sense Society has spread across Europe and North America. Our National Branches offer different resources and programming, but our mission is the same: Advance the ideas of liberty, prosperity, and a culture that fosters human happiness—aspirations that all people, in all places, can achieve.

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Latest News

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May 28, 2022
Salon Meeting with Frank Judo
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May 25, 2022
China and the West with Frank Pieke and Eric Hendriks-Kim
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April 28, 2022
Exclusive dinner with Rod Dreher
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