Tocqueville Program

by Common Sense Society–The Netherlands

About Us

The Tocqueville Program is the public branch of Common Sense Society–The Netherlands. Centered on the Common Sense themes of liberty, prosperity, and beauty, the Tocqueville Program organizes publications as well as meetings and debates accessible to everyone, always in collaboration with other institutions that have a mission overlapping with that of Common Sense Society. The program is named after Alexis de Tocqueville, who stood like no other for the preservation of freedom and human dignity in a democratic society.

The people the Tocqueville Program wishes to reach

Anyone who wants to think along with us about the future! A future that builds on the best of the past and present, a future that is free, thriving, thoughtful, and full of enduring meaning. We introduce the leaders of tomorrow to the Western tradition of ordered freedom and help them to better analyze, debate, and sensibly address current and future social issues.

Young talent

Whether you are a starting artist or entrepreneur, are still studying, or are already at the beginning of your career. The Tocqueville Program is the perfect place for young, ambitious talents to come together, connect with driven professionals, and enjoy conversations in which you are completely free to share your own insights.


The Tocqueville Program offers you the opportunity to expand your network with the ambitious new generation. Amongst us you will find a wide range of ideas about entrepreneurship and the social issues that affect it. Without free entrepreneurs there would be no prosperous society.


As an academic or professional at a large public or private organization, you will certainly have experienced that the diversity of ideas and perspectives has decreased sharply. In addition to broadening your network, the Tocqueville Program also brings freedom of thought. We stand for extensive and in-depth debate and analysis.

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